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1996 Suzuki Baleno Parts From $25

1996 Suzuki Baleno Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1995 Subaru Liberty Parts From $25

1995 Subaru Liberty Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1995 Red Mazda Bravo 2.6 Parts From $25

1995 Red Mazda Bravo 2.6 Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1994 Toyota Hilux Parts From $25

1994 Toyota Hilux Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking


Ultimate Brisbane Wreckers & Underwood Spare Parts Division

Question: What is one of the single most annoying things that can happen in a busy, frantic paced life….with work deadlines, sick kids, shopping to get, appointments that are detrimental to get to?

Answer: YOUR CAR BREAKING DOWN! It’s like a myriad of questions start racing through your head and you go into shock. What am I going to do? How can I get to my appointment I have been waiting 3 months for? Will I have to call a cab to get the kids to the docs? How much is this going to cost? What am I going to say to my boss?

What is even worse is faulty spare parts, substandard quality and overpricing!

We see it day in and out – dodgy at home mechanics grabbing the wrong spare parts, diagnosing the wrong problems and trying their hand at reconditioned engines and gearboxes, that simply set off a fire trail of problems…

The expense to your wallet of course is obviously going to sting…. not to mention the onset problems that happen because you tried to do things on the cheap.

You see the thing we have learnt about cars is, you do right by them and most of the time they will treat you well too. They are kind of like a family member – so you should treat them as such.

We have many long-held learning customers who love the service they get. They trust the team at Underwood Wreckers PLUS they know there will never be an extra cent spent on the car if it’s

  1. Firstly, not necessary to complete and
  2. Secondly – without consulting you first on the price

So here’s what we do best…. Supply quality spare parts and second hand parts to many people and large companies all over the Brisbane.

  • Need as-new tyres without the hefty cost? We have some of the best tyres on hand starting at ONLY $20!
  • Is your radiator or engine on the way out? We have both in absolutely perfect condition, ready to go and at a price that’s almost like highway robbery.
  • Maybe it’s a side mirror or door handle? Again they can be costly straight from the manufacturer brand-new. Any aftermarket one will be exactly the same – just a hell of a lot cheaper.

Whatever problem you’re having with your car, it’s absolutely worth a phone call to the Underwood Wreckers team on (07) 3808 1006 to see what second hand parts you need, and how we can help you – plus we can provide a quote so you know exactly what you’re up for.

Our range of car spare parts Brisbane stock is unbelievably vast. We are known as one of Brisbane wreckers largest spare parts workshops filled with quality second hand parts (of all makes and models).

We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted second hand parts yards in Brisbane. If we can’t get the part you need that very day, leave it to our qualified mechanics to do all the legwork. Call today for all your urgent car needs and let us take the stress away for you. Have a chat to to a car parts Underwood Wreckers specialist now on (07) 3808 1006.

Many of our clients call us the #1 car parts Underwood shop – come in and meet the team and see why!

Don’t End Up With a Dud – Our Underwood Wreckers team Specialise in Second Hand Parts!

We have direct access to a database of hundreds of the best recyclers and a solid network of Brisbane wreckers who help us source many hard-to-get Brisbane car parts daily. As a long time member of the Wrecker hotline we have exclusive access to over 200 Auto Recyclers nationally. We are the go-to Brisbane company for supply of the very best of Brisbane second hand parts, so we can get you (or your clients) back on the road in record time.

Underwood Wreckers have new stock arriving daily so if you can’t find a part listed on our EBAY store give us a call on (07) 3808 1006 and we find the part you require; often with same day turnaround.

Don’t spend hours scouring the internet only to buy a dud part on impulse. That is a major mistake – to avoid like the plague.

Let one of the leading members at Underwood Wreckers teams solve your car issues ASAP and have you back on the road without any stress.

Call us NOW on (07) 3808 1006 and let us take the pressure off and the stress away.

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