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Our expert team at Underwood Wreckers has had over two decades of experience working on all popular car brands. So below are some of the answers to the most commonly asked about the business and the services we provide.

Underwood Wreckers FAQ’s

When you’re searching for Brisbane Wreckers and looking for anything car focused, you’re bound to have a few questions before handing over your hard earned doe.

And we’re more than happy to answer any question that you have.

Our wreckers Underwood team have the answers when it comes to all your automotive needs.

Q: What types of services do Underwood Wreckers mainly focus on?

Q: Do you do recycled engines, gearboxes and log book servicing?

Q: What kind of used or spare parts do you offer and mainly for what models?

Q: Do you offer aftermarket parts?

Q: What areas will Underwood Wreckers offer FREE pick up for the ‘cash for cars service’?

Q: How fast can you remove my unwanted car?

Q: If my car is currently without rego, or a RWC will you still consider it for purchase?

Q: What factors determine my used car price quote?

Q: What if your recycling yard doesn’t have the part I’m looking for?

Q: Why should I sell my used car to Underwood Wreckering?

Q: What is your used auto part return policy?

Q: What are Underwood Wreckers hours of operation?

For specific used auto part needs or any questions not answered here, simply call our friendly staff today on (07) 3808 1006.