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Underwood Wreckers Ultimate New Parts and Spare Part Specialists

As one of the leading wreckers Brisbane car parts companies, our in-store stock is quite astounding. We are one of the largest Brisbane wreckers consistently stocked with new parts (of all makes and models onsite) and spare parts daily. As such Underwood Wreckers are one of the BEST car recycling yards in Brisbane; with incredible buying power to pass on very low prices.

We are commonly referred to as the most trustworthy Brisbane wreckers, with one of the largest workshops filled with some of the best quality Brisbane spare parts and new parts (of all makes and models) and the buying power to pass on incredible prices.

We’re here to take the stress away from fixing your car.

We are here to help you in any way possible so you can get back on the road fast. We have a large array of stock – both new parts and spare parts on hand; so often you can drive in and out of our workshop in a few hours. If we can’t get the part you need urgently, leave it to our very well connected team of mechanics to do all the phoning around and it will arrive to our #1 wreckers Brisbane shop in record time.

Phone us today and let us take the stress of a car problem away.

Call on of the Underwood Wreckers new and spare part specialists now on (07) 3808 1006.

We pride ourselves on being the spare parts Brisabane specialists and if we can’t get the part you need that very day, leave it to our qualified team to do all the phoning around to source it and it will arrive to our #1 wreckers Underwood workshop in record time.

Phone the friendly team at Underwood Wreckers with all your questions today and let us do all the hard work for you.

Call the team and speak to a car parts and spare parts specialist now on (07) 3808 1006.

We not only have access to the best new and spare parts in and around Brisbane…  but across Australia, with direct access to a national database allowing us to tap into the countries best recyclers. We can source many hard-to-get new Brisbane car parts daily.

Our Underwood Car Wreckers have forged a solid reputation as the total solutions company. So whatever the issue of the car, we have the solution.

We understand you can’t afford hours running around looking for something (but you don’t really know what it is) and the frustration, not to mention the time spent phoning shop to shop…to end up completely dazed and confused.

If it’s a definite, confident and trustworthy opinion you’re after, then Underwood Wreckers are in your corner.

Let our expert Underwood Wreckers team source only the finest quality used and spare parts for your car. With a guarantee warranty on all parts, you can rest assured we have your back.

At Underwood Wreckers we have a solid network of Brisbane wreckers who help us source many hard-to-get spare car parts and new parts daily. As a long time member of the Wrecker hotline 200 Auto Recyclers Australia wide, for supply of the very best of Brisbane spare parts, so we can get you (or your clients) back on the road fast.

Car Parts Underwood Wreckers – New Parts & Spare Parts Division

  • Unrivalled prices and the preferred supplier for many of Brisbane’s major tyre, exhaust, brake, suspension and panel shops and auto electricians needing trustworthy spare parts.
  • One of the largest Brisbane Wreckers stocking BRAND NEW aftermarket parts to suit almost ANY vehicle
  • Two deliveries a day for trade customers PLUS courier services for new parts when needed urgently

Call us NOW on (07) 3808 1006 and let us take the pressure off and the stress away.

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