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Second Hand Engines


1996 Suzuki Baleno Parts From $25

1996 Suzuki Baleno Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1995 Subaru Liberty Parts From $25

1995 Subaru Liberty Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1995 Red Mazda Bravo 2.6 Parts From $25

1995 Red Mazda Bravo 2.6 Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking

1994 Toyota Hilux Parts From $25

1994 Toyota Hilux Parts From $25 was last modified: by Underwood Wrecking


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Is your engine on the way out? There is nothing worse your car blowing with smoke as you come to a grinding halt. That sinking feeling to the heart….how much is this going to cost? How will I survive without a car?

Let the expert team at Underwood Wreckers take away all the stress for you, finding the best quality parts for the best price.

If you have no idea where to start and what options you have, then you need an opinion from our Underwood Wreckers team NOW. If you’re procrastinating on what you should do, stop in and have a chat to one of our experienced team members ASAP. Realistically stalling or hoping the problem will go away, can have devastating affects both mechanically and financially.

When replacing your car engine whilst you want to do it economically you also have to think quality, after all the engine is the life-blood of your car.

When looking to buy second-hand parts and engines it is important to be mindful that engines are extremely complex and to the untrained eye what looks like a perfectly good answer to your issues could in fact cause you further problems and more expense. On first site an engine can look clean and presentable, however with the numerous components that make up an engine it is easy to be misled.

That is why you should come and see the professionals at Underwood Wreckers, we pride ourselves on providing good quality second hand parts and engines that you can rely on. By combining forces with the nation’s most trusted network of over 200 Auto Recyclers Australia-wide (who supply us parts at wholesale prices), we can give you direct access to the finest quality car parts at exceedingly low prices.

We test run all of our engines to ensure they work and that you are getting good quality second hand parts and engines. With Underwood Wreckers by your side, your car will be as good as new, with the highest quality parts.

We understand looking for a solution to your engine problems can be a stressful and very time-consuming experience. We also understand your car is one of your most valuable assets, which is why we aim for accurate analysis and a cost effective solution, and if we don’t have the part/s you need in stock we can call upon our network to get it for you.
Whether you want a reconditioned engine, second hand engine or need some spare parts to fix up your own engine, we have a wide range of parts on hand to help.

Our company motto is that we don’t cut corners on quality.

Underwood Wreckers are one of the most trusted wreckers in the Brisbane area, with literally hundreds of suppliers on hand. We have the decades of long standing connections to source many hard-to-get car parts. We want to save you time, money and MOSTLY the frustration and inconvenience of shopping around for parts that quite frankly could damage your car.

Why should you trust us?

Our wreckers Underwood experts are so confident in their field, that all parts come with a full exchange warranty – meaning if anything goes wrong we will replace it – no problems. We guarantee our work, so you can rest assured that if you have spent the money to fix your car, our warranty can give you a sleep at night factor many other companies don’t.

Call us NOW on (07) 3808 1006 and let us take the pressure off and the stress away.

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