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Tips For Buying a Secondhand Motor

The engine is the most vital part of any vehicle. It’s the driving force and the heart of the vehicle. Buying second hand engines for your car or other motor vehicle can be a risky proposition. After all, you’re not sure just what condition it’s really in or what the history of the engine is. It can be a bit of a lottery, so in this post we’ll be offering some tips on buying second hand engines so you’re more likely to get a good one and not a dud.

Why Go Second Hand?

Price is usually the reason why people opt for second hand engines. Also, the vehicle that needs the motor might be fairly old and doesn’t warrant the expense of a brand new motor. The third reason to replace a busted engine with a second hand one is that it’s far cheaper than going out and buying a new car. From a green perspective, when you buy second hand engines you are saving an engine from clogging up landfill.

Make Sure You Get the Right Motor

It might sound obvious, but even motors from similar makes and models of cars can differ slightly. While the engine in the previous model Ford may look very similar to that in the following year’s model, where the exhaust manifold attaches could vary, along with other small variations which will make fitting the “new” second hand motor a nightmare.

Before hunting a replacement motor, write down all the details of your car; including things like the year, make and model, the car’s VIN Number, engine code, production date, anything that will help ensure you get the exact same motor.

Go For Low Mileage

If you can, and if the details are available, try and source a second hand motor that has low mileage. Even if you are sourcing a replacement engine from a motor wreckers, see if you can find out how many kilometres the car had done prior to ending up in the wrecking yard.

Get Some History on the Engine

No matter where you are buying an engine, whether a wreckers or private sale, see if you can find out some history on the car so you will have an idea what the engine might actually be like. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that are on your mind. You want to buy an engine that works and will give you as little trouble as possible, so do your due diligence.

Underwood Wrecking

At Underwood Wrecking in Brisbane we have a wide range of second hand engines to suit many makes and models of popular cars. We also offer a wide range of spare parts – new parts and second hand parts – and even pay cash for cars. Drop in and see us today.

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