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Is your engine on the way out? Here’s What to Do

If your car is a good number of years old, then by now it might be showing signs of aging, such as: engine overheating, loss of power, gas mileage drop off, abnormal noises and much more.

Here are a few things that you must do as soon as you realise that your car’s engine is on its way out :

  1. First of all, have your engine Sometimes your engine might have minor faults which can be easily repaired by a mechanic.
  2. Smoke coming out of the engine, either black, white or blue is always a bad sign. This could indicate a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder head, worn out valves or something else.
  3. Abnormally loud engines are a sign of your car calling for help. An old and degraded engine requires immediate replacement in order to get a flawless ride. The best way to achieve a smooth ride in an old car is by having your engine replaced


Get in touch with us if you are looking for a new engine in Brisbane. If you are trying to save a few bucks, we can source a second hand car engine for you.

A lot of car issues are easy to deal with, but others cost a lot of money. In that case, Underwood Wrecking can help you out by supplying you with both brand new and second-hand spare parts for your car. We can supply parts for all makes and models of cars at great prices.


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